Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Death of a Bard

after a brief encounter with with barbarians of the bear tribe the group ventured forward and came to stop deciding to let the cultist move on with hengar going with them. after a brief reprieve the group was attacked by two wild frost sabers one leaping at Simetra  and the other leaping at ares knocking both to the ground. acting swiftly, Simetra struggled to get out from under the frost saber. once free Simetra swung at the frost saber with her sword severely wounding the beast. while ares and Annabel dispatched the second beast with haste. ghalt circled behind the saber that was engaged with Simetra stabbed with both daggers wounding the saber. seeing one saber fall in battle the last saber fled from combat.

After killing one of the frost sabers the group decided to rest. after their shot rest the group continued forward with Ghalt and Simetra  following the saber that had fled tracking it to a great peak. seeing a door just bellow Ghalt looks to Simetra and says hind and we will see what or who is on the other side of that door. making a snow ball Ghalt hurls a snow ball at door, what emerged was a goblin. felling like the goblin was worth a note and posed not great threat they decided to reunited with the group.

after splitting ways with ghalt and Simetra tracking the saber. the rest of the group Ares, Sarod and Annabel continue to follow the cultist, having tracked them to a cave they stopped with Sarod and Annabel back tracking to find Simetra  and Ghalt leaving Ares to watch the cove in with the cultist went. while watching the cove and thinking he was hidden well ares soon found him self under heavy attack by a group of goblins. out numbered Ares trys to persuade the attacking goblins to cease fire to no avail. after a brife battle the goblins had won taking Ares poisoner chaining him up to be food for the beast that was to come.

Having reunited both groups Simetra, Ghalt, Sarod, and Annabel venture back to where Ares was left ony to find that he was gone and a battle had taken place. going into the cove to find what was assumed to be a hidden door Simetra, Ghalt, and Annabel look for the hidden door after finding it they head inside. Inside the cave they noticed that the cave split into two paths one when twourds a group of 4 cultist and the other down a long corridor that lead to a door after opening the door and dispatching one of the goblins that was one that other side. the other goblin went to wake a sleeping Giant to aid him. Simetra not wanting to have to do battle with a giant went to silence the goblin with not luck. Ghalt not want to do battle with a giant either approached the goblin and with a swift swing of his dagger slit the goblins throat. seeing te the giant was waking the decided to leave the room with do haste. finding that stealth was no longer a option the went to the back door that Simetra and Ghalt had found prier. once back inside the cave the group had found themselves reunited with Hengar and Ares. Ghalt decided to pick the locks of the chains that bound them first freeing Ares and moved to Hengar whome to his dismay after unlocking his chains took a mighty swing with his backhand knocking out the small halfing.  Ares with haste gose to put his gear  back on which was taken from him by hengar under orders from his new master. the group reunited was interuptied by a powerful Mage and the cultist beast master howm was tending the egg that was being birthed by a fire so it would hatch under there control. seeing the a baby dragon had hatched from the egg the beast master quickly to the newly born dragon to tame it. wanting to do the same, Simetra approached with a dead goblin and offerd it to the baby. wasteing no time the group killed the beast master. Sarod wanting to slay the dragon fearing what might happen if it grew to full strength under the Command of the cultist he struck at the beast to which would prove to be a deadly choice. hengar seeing the dragon which he was charged to protect went to his gear which was near and with a mighty throw, hurled a javelin at Sarod which sent him to the gound haveing taking anough damage to make him colapse. the mage seeing his loyal beast master fall with a powerful comand tels Hengar to go to the dragon thinking nothing of it finds him self unable to move the mage tells him"you thought we would let someone like you joins us? Ha" hegar after freeing himself from his unmoveable stat hurals a javalin at the mage causing him to calasp saying with his final breath"misteris, i have faled you" during this time the dragon had taken to feast on the fallen Sarod.  Simetra  not wanting to but knowing it was for the best tells the group that "we need to kill the baby" to which it meat a swift death. the priest wanting answers forces the downed mage's spirt back into his body but remaining unconsius state. the group now containing  Simetra, Ghalt, Hengar, Annabel, tardus, and Ares take a moment to morn there fallen ally and friend.

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The Black ice ship boogie

Ares, Hengar, Sarod, Simetra, and Tarturus learned that the town was offering a reward to deal with the recent uptick in pirate activity after a run in with the town speaker. They enlisted the help of the fisherman in traveling to the pirate base.

After another day of fishing, and a couple long detours around icebergs blocking passage through the northern part of Lac Dinneshere, they were dropped off on an ice shelf not far from the pirate's island base, in the early hours of the morning. Simetra scouted ahead while Hengar helped the others navigate across the ice in relative silence. 

The pirate ship was docked near the entrance to a small caldera, but a smaller side entrance had also been carved out of the rocky slope and Simetra tried to sneak in through the door there. Alton, a halfling rogue, was guarding the entrance and spotted her approach. Rather than sound the alarm, however, he recognized the opportunity her appearance presented, and they worked out a plan of attack.

The group would infiltrate the ship and destroy the black ice on the bow, while Alton released the prisoner, Annabel, while the Pirates were distracted. Alton was keenly aware that the black ice was capable of altering the minds of those in proximity to it, and was eager to see it destroyed.

Sarod, Ares, Taturus, and Hengar were able to board the boat before the Pirates were alerted, and Simetra flanked the island's main entrance, able to fire arrows into the compound from relative cover. Once melee on the boat began, Pirates inside the caldera began to awaken and rush out, but she sniped several before they even reached the dock.

The pirate leader proved more difficult to kill, and she eventually retreated to the far end of the dock. Once the Pirates on the boat were dispatched, Tarturus assisted with magical blasts from the ship, and the leader was killed at range by their combined attacks. Sarod, Hengar, and Ares jumped down to the docks to engage, and kill, the remaining pirates there. 

Meanwhile, Alton had managed to pick the locks to the prisoner's cage and escort Annabel to her weapons before any of the Pirates realized she was escaping. A few pirates tried to stop them, but Alton slew one and left Annabel to deal with the two others while he ran to assist on the ship, worrying that the opportunity to destroy the black ice would quickly disappear.

Sarod, not recognizing him as an ally, took a swing at the halfling as he ran past, but seeing Annabel cornered, figured the other three party members on the dock could handle him and ran to assist the ranger. The rogue dashed past Hengar and Ares as he boarded the ship and began hacking away at the black ice encasing the bow.

Tartarus, eager to remove the pirate threat and very reluctant to see the black ice destroyed, struck Alton with an Eldritch blast, but was unable to distrupt his singleminded focus. Between Simetra's shouts and Tartrus's ravings, Ares eventually realized what was happening and managed to hold the tiefling back until Alton finished breaking the black ice apart and sent it overboard into the freezing water below.

Pirated information

Hengar, Tarturus, Simetra, Ares, Sarod and Annabel left the dwarven valley the next day and headed south to Caer-Dineval. They had heard rumors of large cats roaming the southern side of Kevin's Cairn, but saw no sign of them on their trip.

Annabel left to scout around. In the town they learned that pirates have been attacking fishermen and shopkeepers that were unwilling or unable to pay for their boats and shops to be warded by an unknown group from out of town. They hired on as protection for a fisherman headed out that same day, and met another sellsword (a human fighter) who was traveling with him as well.

The fishing trip was uneventful, with the exception of sighting a white dragon in the sky, but a fog was rolling in behind them as they approached the town of Easthaven on the SW shore of Lac Dinneshere. 

Having confirmed earlier that the Pirates ships were often cloaked in fog, the party rushed towards town and the boat docked. Sarod, Ares and the human hiding in the nearby boathouse, while Simetra, Tarturus, and Hengar dashed for the Armoury a short way down the street.

A large ship, with an imposing bow fashioned entirely out of black ice, docked close behind them. Two dozen crazed pirates disembarked and ran past the boathouse, and straight towards the armory. 

Inside the armory, Tarturus assured the dwarf behind the counter they were there to help, while Simetra climbed to an upstairs vantage point and Hengar held the door. Simetra took shots at the leader, a female who was perched on the bow, while Tarturus cast spells out the window and Hengar dealt with the pirates who broke though the entrance. 

Meanwhile, Ares, Sarod, and the human fighter ran to board the boat once the pirate mob past. Ares got hung up in the rope, while the other two were peppered with crossbow bolts as they climbed aboard. They quickly retreated and had to engage a few of the Pirates who had returned from onshore once they had been spotted.

The fog became even more dense as the fighting continued, and the figure on the ship was barely even visible by the time Simetra and Tarturus's combined attacks overcame her defenses and sent her falling to the dock below. The remaining pirates retreated as visibility went to zero, but were overheard cursing the "ferryman" for misleading them.

When the fog cleared, only some pirate bodies remained, the ship and its captain were gone. Tattoos on the bodies indicated that the false advisor to Barak Hammerstone was from these same pirates. 

Tartarus went in search of the "ferryman" and confronted him about his association with the Pirates. The ferryman confessed that he had been captured and forced to help, but was able to provide the location of their base.


Simetra, Ares, Hengar, Sarod, Annabel and Tartarus met the next morning and set off to find Barak Hammerstone. They were ambushed while investigating an abandoned black ice excavation site by dwarves accusing them of trying to steal the remaining crystal.

They killed all of the attackers but one, tying up both him and Tartarus as a ruse to gain entry to the Hammerstone enclave. It worked, and they were brought before Barak to explain what had happened.

After quickly ascertaining that the cloaked figure advising Barak was making his behavior erratic and unpredictable. They argued their way out of Tarturus's execution, and instead forced him to see the truth—that this " emissary " was misleading him.

It was uncovered that she was a pirate hired to recruit his clan for Valish Gant. Once she was arrested and the dwarves began ridding themselves of the black ice and its corrupting influence, reports arrived of a band of humans encroaching on dwarven territory. The party accompanied the dwarves outside the valley to confront them. 

The humans claimed to be sent under the authority of the leaders of the Ten Towns, and demanded rent be paid by the dwarves to continue living in the realm. The band was led by a group of mercenaries who invited members of the party to join them in profiting from this new conflict, but they declined, and attacked and killed them instead.

Miner difficulties

Ares the (Half-Orc) cleric and Simetra the (half-elf) ranger left the others in order to escort Helga to the Dwarven tunnels at Kevin's Cairn. They were stopped and questioned along the way by dwarves (in black armor) loyal to Barak Hammerstone who only reluctantly allowed them past.

Helga herself had no idea why the Hammerstone clan had suddenly become so antagonistic. The way was soon blocked again by others, and Helga redirected the caravan around more black armored dwarves through tunnels that would lead to her own clan's territory. They met with other, haggard but friendlier dwarves, who detailed some of the conflict with clan Hammerstone as well as stories of attacks in nearby tunnels, carried out by dead comrades…

The group arrived at the war camp of Stokley Silverstring and learned that the two main clans, Hammerstone and Silverstring, had been engaged in more than the usual bickering since the recent discovery of "Black Ice." Stokley had wanted nothing to do with it, but Barak had violently disagreed, and him and his followers had been acting unusual ever since. In addition to clashes with Hammerstone clan members, Stokley's fighters were also being attacked by formerly dead dwarves, and although they were separate encounters, the attacks seemed coordinated enough to suggest a link.

Ares and Simetra asked what could be done to help, and Stokely offered 100g if they could locate and distruput the (possibly necromantic) source of the "undead" attacks and another 250g if they could negotiate peace with Barak Hammerstone. He directed them to the probable nexus of the undead attacks and they left to make preparations to embark after a long rest.

In the "morning" they reconnected with Hengar (the Goliath barbarian,) Sarod (the half-Orc bard,) and Annabel (the half-elf Ranger) who described the encounter they had had with the sorceress that had been attacking Hengar's barbarian tribe. Hengar recounted stories told by his people of a necromancer who tried to use what sounded like black ice to control the land a hundred years ago.

The five of them made their way to the deep mines and came across the dead bodies of several unfortunate dwarves and one live dwarf hiding under an overturned mine cart. This stinky, frightened dwarf told them between sobs that they had been attacked by a floating, tall grey robed figure (with a staff?) that taunted them without moving its lips before killing all but him. The bodies strewn about the cavern rose again while he was speaking and attacked.

Sarod was surrounded and took several vicious blows, almost collapsing, but he recovered quickly and struck back even more fiercely. Once they were defeated, the party followed the tunnel Stinky the dwarf said the grey wight had come from, and Hengar left him with a Javelin to defend himself with until they returned.

Some ways down the tunnel a voice inside their heads began taunting each party member, and when they reached a fork in the tunnel, conflicting desires led to a confusing debate over which way to go. Hengar was initially lost in an internal debate when Simetra noticed an overgrown spider about to attack Ares from the ceiling above. He was too big to push out of the way, so she leapt onto his back and shoved off with a backflip—sending him stumbling forward as a stream of (venom?) splashed to the floor just between them.

Ares threw his spear at the dog-sized arachnid and the archers shot at it with their bows while suddenly the others realized they were surrounded by "zombies" on all three sides. The "undead" attacked, and then the grey wight appeared, mocking from the outskirts of the battle. As Sarod finished off an un-dwarf the spider lunged at him, biting his face.

Battered already, Sarod fell unconscious to the floor, a giant spider still latched to his face. Hangar, overwhelmed with concern for his friends plight, instinctually swung his great axe at the spider splitting in in half—lodging his weapon into Sarod in the process… He was quickly revived magically, however, and even helped finish off the attackers—with the weapon still in place.

After the remaining "zombies" were dispatched the wight fled, mocking them as he left. With some difficulty, they removed the axe from Sarod and rested to heal their wounds. Sadly, they recognized one of the fallen dwarves as the stinky one they had just left under the mine cart down the hall…

Barbaric situation

As the group headed towards the city center Lock ran back to the town gates, but quickly caught back up, carrying a severed Yeti head. He and Tarturus went to observe the captured barbarian, while Calista and Ares followed Helda into a nearby tavern.

Lock and Tarturus began to interrogate the captive, using the yeti head to alternately intimidate and barging with him, and they where quickly convinced that Hengar, the Goliath barbarian of the elk tribe, had been wrongfully accused of theft and was genuinely in town to seek aid for the vicious attacks being carried out against his village. Tartarus left to question his accuser and Lock went in search of the sheriff to see what evidence they had against him.

The bartender serving Helda, Calista and Ares informed them that most of the townsfolk were struggling under the financial burden of paying for protection from the frequent attacks, and Helda decided to expedite her preparations to depart for her next destination as soon as possible. Calista and Ares went to see the town speaker to learn more about the attacks. Upon arriving at the 'courthouse,' they witnessed the speaker talking with the "Slim" individual they had heard of, and Calista followed him while Ares met with the speaker.

Meanwhile, Tartrus had confronted the shopkeeper, attracted the attention of nearby guards, and demanded they arrest her. Not knowing what to think of this raving tiefling, the guards were more than willing to escort the flustered shopkeeper back to the courthouse and let someone else handle him. The spectacle drew the attention of the braver patrons of the bar across the street, and a suspicious half-elf ranger, Simetra, her fellow ranger Annabel, and the half-Orc bard Sarod followed Tarturus back into the shop. The tiefling was searching the shop vigorously, and invited them to do the same. He directed them towards the occult symbol that he had discovered, and the bard was able to manipulate the arcane energy surrounding it to open a hidden compartment containing the shopkeeper's "stolen" lockbox. They rushed off to take this evidence to the sheriff, and Lock stumbled out of the tavern behind them…

Ares was conversing with the speaker in the 'courthouse' lobby when a pair of frantic guards dragging a downcast shopkeeper hurried past. They were followed shortly thereafter by a triumphant tiefling waving a lockbox over his head and hurling a constant stream of insults, who was himself followed by Simetra, Sarod, Annabel, and finally, Lock. Everyone piled into the office of the startled sheriff, who reluctantly agreed to release the barbarian in light of this new evidence. The two relieved guards remained behind with the shopkeeper while the rest, including Ares, now followed the sheriff to see Hengar released.

Calista rejoined the group at the town center, where the sheriff unlocked Hengar's restraints and begrudgingly returned his greatsword. Everyone agreed to travel with Helda on the way to Kelvin's Cairn until they reached the barbarian's lands where they would split, some going to help Hengar's people and some staying to escort Helda the for remainder of her journey. They left town soon after meeting again with Helda and the large party easily dispatched the wolves that attacked their camp that night.

The Adventure Begins
Yetis at the Gate

Our adventure begins when the adventurers sign up to guard a caravan as it makes its way towards the Icewind Dales.

What should have been a six-day journey along Ten Trail from the pass stretched into eleven grueling days of bitter cold, howling winds, driving snowfall and beasts hounding the caravan's trail.

The reasons for our adventuer's journey varied, but all paths lead to Bryn Shander. As the wagons rolled at last up to the gates of Bryn Shander, they saw townsfolk watching with eager expectation, happy for the arrival of what will certainly be the last caravan from the south for months to come.  The faces of the merchants and caravan guards showed relief and anticipation that almost seemed to outweigh the exhaustion, as they looked forward to warm fires, hot food, soft beds and sheltering winds.

This anticipation was short lived, however. For a sudden wind squal picked up, blinding the caravaners with the fresh snowfall. In the midst of the squall, a band of yetis attacked from the north, the open gates letting the yettis attack everyone inside.

The adventurers took up arms to protect the caravan they were hired to protect. Lock faced off against the largest of the beasts while Tardurus and Aries teamed up against a young yeti. Calista took on two of the young yetis by herself.

The sorcerer Calista raised her hands against a young yeti and blasted it with her fire magic. The yeti fell to her. Aries and Tardurus fenced the young yeti they picked. Aries destracted the beast while Tardurus picked it off.

Standing alone, Lock slashed at the yeti in front of him. The yeti was able to get a few solid hits in, weakening the paladin until he could hardly stand. With the other yeti Calista was fighting taken care of, she moved over to assist Lock.

Aries and Tardurus finished off their prey and moved over to help out their new ally. In a pinch, Lock felt a surge of healing go through his body, healing some of his damage. He did not know where the healing came from, but was thankful nonetheless.

Seeing Lock still in a bad way, Aries let his anger flow, felling the beast. With the beasts gone, and the others running away, the party was able to move into the town.

The town was in a frenzy. The shopkeepers nearby the gate were yelling out, in histarics to the damage the yetis did and the money he paid for protection.

"Where was that bastard Shim to protect my shop when it mattered?" he was crying.

The town guard muttered the attack was all the barbarian's fault.

"Damn barbarians lead them straight to us," they grumbled.

The party questioned the guard and found out a barbarian from the Reghed tribes was caught stealing something earlier that day. They believe these tribes are responsible for the harsh and early winter. One barbarian was caught and sentenced to death by exposure. He was stripped and left to die tied up in the center of town.

The group decided to go talk to this barbarian. On their way into town, Helda, the owner of the wagon they were hired to protect, thanked the party for their efforts protecting the caravan and offered them additional pay to accompany her and her wagon to her final destination-the dwarven valley on Kelvin's Cairn-too help keep her safe from further attacks. 


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