Tall and lean, Ares has grey skin and bright blue eyes. His jet black hair runs in a thick Mohawk that stands six inches high, while dark grey scars mark his skull from each temple to behind both ears.


Half-Orc in chain mail and furs, 6’ 4", 230lbs. He carries a war axe, spear, shield and crossbow.


Ares human mother (Daenerys) was a captive from a far off land who taught him medicine, cooking, and that Grummsh had many names. Her people had called him Kratos, and told stories that emphasized his skill and bravery in combat over mindless destruction.

His Orc father, Crixus, disapproved of men wasting time learning anything but the art of war, but he was no match for his mother’s strong will, and Ares skill as a warrior did not seem to suffer in the least.

As a result of these competing influences, Ares often finds himself torn between an all consuming desire to die in glorious battle and a secret empathy for all who suffer. This “weakness” can be assuaged, usually, by focusing his healing abilities on returning proven warriors to battle as a warpriest, thereby honoring both his family legacy and the God of war.

Nearly a year ago, Ares entire tribe was eradicated in an epic battle with another Orc clan. After an entire day of fighting, Ares unconscious body was scavenged from the battlefield at sunset by an overgrown Cockatrice. In clear view of the victorious army, Ares awoke as the beast was flying away, pulled a spear out of his side, and plunged it into the creature that still carried him in its talons. The cockatrice released him with a shriek, but he clung to the spear and grappled with the beast in midair until they both crash-landed into the plains below.

The creature had retreated by the time the rival Orcs rushed to the landing site, but Ares was still standing, covered in blood and feathers, and challenging them with his spear. They were loathe, and perhaps a little afraid, to kill him after such a display. Out of respect for his prowess, and recognition that he was dedicated to a common deity, they decided instead to allow him to leave their lands as an exile.

Other than denying him the fight he was still looking for, Ares held no ill will over the loss of his clan, for it had been a truly well fought battle. He left them the next morning, heading north, seeking a glorious death in unknown lands.


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