Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Death of a Bard

after a brief encounter with with barbarians of the bear tribe the group ventured forward and came to stop deciding to let the cultist move on with hengar going with them. after a brief reprieve the group was attacked by two wild frost sabers one leaping at Simetra  and the other leaping at ares knocking both to the ground. acting swiftly, Simetra struggled to get out from under the frost saber. once free Simetra swung at the frost saber with her sword severely wounding the beast. while ares and Annabel dispatched the second beast with haste. ghalt circled behind the saber that was engaged with Simetra stabbed with both daggers wounding the saber. seeing one saber fall in battle the last saber fled from combat.

After killing one of the frost sabers the group decided to rest. after their shot rest the group continued forward with Ghalt and Simetra  following the saber that had fled tracking it to a great peak. seeing a door just bellow Ghalt looks to Simetra and says hind and we will see what or who is on the other side of that door. making a snow ball Ghalt hurls a snow ball at door, what emerged was a goblin. felling like the goblin was worth a note and posed not great threat they decided to reunited with the group.

after splitting ways with ghalt and Simetra tracking the saber. the rest of the group Ares, Sarod and Annabel continue to follow the cultist, having tracked them to a cave they stopped with Sarod and Annabel back tracking to find Simetra  and Ghalt leaving Ares to watch the cove in with the cultist went. while watching the cove and thinking he was hidden well ares soon found him self under heavy attack by a group of goblins. out numbered Ares trys to persuade the attacking goblins to cease fire to no avail. after a brife battle the goblins had won taking Ares poisoner chaining him up to be food for the beast that was to come.

Having reunited both groups Simetra, Ghalt, Sarod, and Annabel venture back to where Ares was left ony to find that he was gone and a battle had taken place. going into the cove to find what was assumed to be a hidden door Simetra, Ghalt, and Annabel look for the hidden door after finding it they head inside. Inside the cave they noticed that the cave split into two paths one when twourds a group of 4 cultist and the other down a long corridor that lead to a door after opening the door and dispatching one of the goblins that was one that other side. the other goblin went to wake a sleeping Giant to aid him. Simetra not wanting to have to do battle with a giant went to silence the goblin with not luck. Ghalt not want to do battle with a giant either approached the goblin and with a swift swing of his dagger slit the goblins throat. seeing te the giant was waking the decided to leave the room with do haste. finding that stealth was no longer a option the went to the back door that Simetra and Ghalt had found prier. once back inside the cave the group had found themselves reunited with Hengar and Ares. Ghalt decided to pick the locks of the chains that bound them first freeing Ares and moved to Hengar whome to his dismay after unlocking his chains took a mighty swing with his backhand knocking out the small halfing.  Ares with haste gose to put his gear  back on which was taken from him by hengar under orders from his new master. the group reunited was interuptied by a powerful Mage and the cultist beast master howm was tending the egg that was being birthed by a fire so it would hatch under there control. seeing the a baby dragon had hatched from the egg the beast master quickly to the newly born dragon to tame it. wanting to do the same, Simetra approached with a dead goblin and offerd it to the baby. wasteing no time the group killed the beast master. Sarod wanting to slay the dragon fearing what might happen if it grew to full strength under the Command of the cultist he struck at the beast to which would prove to be a deadly choice. hengar seeing the dragon which he was charged to protect went to his gear which was near and with a mighty throw, hurled a javelin at Sarod which sent him to the gound haveing taking anough damage to make him colapse. the mage seeing his loyal beast master fall with a powerful comand tels Hengar to go to the dragon thinking nothing of it finds him self unable to move the mage tells him"you thought we would let someone like you joins us? Ha" hegar after freeing himself from his unmoveable stat hurals a javalin at the mage causing him to calasp saying with his final breath"misteris, i have faled you" during this time the dragon had taken to feast on the fallen Sarod.  Simetra  not wanting to but knowing it was for the best tells the group that "we need to kill the baby" to which it meat a swift death. the priest wanting answers forces the downed mage's spirt back into his body but remaining unconsius state. the group now containing  Simetra, Ghalt, Hengar, Annabel, tardus, and Ares take a moment to morn there fallen ally and friend.

(please if you want to alter to either add or remove info please do. this is my first time doing anything like this. also sorry for the time jumping and mis-spelling)


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