Legacy of the Crystal Shard

The Black ice ship boogie

Ares, Hengar, Sarod, Simetra, and Tarturus learned that the town was offering a reward to deal with the recent uptick in pirate activity after a run in with the town speaker. They enlisted the help of the fisherman in traveling to the pirate base.

After another day of fishing, and a couple long detours around icebergs blocking passage through the northern part of Lac Dinneshere, they were dropped off on an ice shelf not far from the pirate's island base, in the early hours of the morning. Simetra scouted ahead while Hengar helped the others navigate across the ice in relative silence. 

The pirate ship was docked near the entrance to a small caldera, but a smaller side entrance had also been carved out of the rocky slope and Simetra tried to sneak in through the door there. Alton, a halfling rogue, was guarding the entrance and spotted her approach. Rather than sound the alarm, however, he recognized the opportunity her appearance presented, and they worked out a plan of attack.

The group would infiltrate the ship and destroy the black ice on the bow, while Alton released the prisoner, Annabel, while the Pirates were distracted. Alton was keenly aware that the black ice was capable of altering the minds of those in proximity to it, and was eager to see it destroyed.

Sarod, Ares, Taturus, and Hengar were able to board the boat before the Pirates were alerted, and Simetra flanked the island's main entrance, able to fire arrows into the compound from relative cover. Once melee on the boat began, Pirates inside the caldera began to awaken and rush out, but she sniped several before they even reached the dock.

The pirate leader proved more difficult to kill, and she eventually retreated to the far end of the dock. Once the Pirates on the boat were dispatched, Tarturus assisted with magical blasts from the ship, and the leader was killed at range by their combined attacks. Sarod, Hengar, and Ares jumped down to the docks to engage, and kill, the remaining pirates there. 

Meanwhile, Alton had managed to pick the locks to the prisoner's cage and escort Annabel to her weapons before any of the Pirates realized she was escaping. A few pirates tried to stop them, but Alton slew one and left Annabel to deal with the two others while he ran to assist on the ship, worrying that the opportunity to destroy the black ice would quickly disappear.

Sarod, not recognizing him as an ally, took a swing at the halfling as he ran past, but seeing Annabel cornered, figured the other three party members on the dock could handle him and ran to assist the ranger. The rogue dashed past Hengar and Ares as he boarded the ship and began hacking away at the black ice encasing the bow.

Tartarus, eager to remove the pirate threat and very reluctant to see the black ice destroyed, struck Alton with an Eldritch blast, but was unable to distrupt his singleminded focus. Between Simetra's shouts and Tartrus's ravings, Ares eventually realized what was happening and managed to hold the tiefling back until Alton finished breaking the black ice apart and sent it overboard into the freezing water below.


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